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International Webinar celebrating “World Sight Day” hosted by Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital, Gurgaon.

All India Ophthalmology Conference at Kochi -2023

A very successful wrap to All India Ophthalmology Conference at Kochi, 11-14May 2023.
Dr Sahebaan Sethi delivered faculty lectures, presented her scientific research work and conducted instruction courses. She received the best surgical video award at the YOSI forum.

ASCRS Symposium

San Diego, USA


ASCRS Symposium, San Diego, USA

ASCRS Symposium, Volunteer Eye Surgeon Meeting, conducted by Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital, San Diego, USA.
Free eye camp with Robinhood Army NGO and Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital at Urban Slums of Gurgaon. 
June 18th-19th 2021, 1:30pm – 2:30pm IST
Register free @
Covid Relief and hygiene kits of ADEH distribution in slum areas by Team ADEH in District Mewat💐
You can contribute at:
Team Arunodaya ground work along with additional Commisioner Municipal Corporation Gurugram.
As part of ADEH COVID-19 relief services in Haryana, ADEH is providing Hygiene Kits to vulnerable people.
Mr Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief. Minister, Haryana, releasing the Covid HYGIENE and Relief Kit, for Covid Awareness and Education on Prevention, for economically weaker sections of our society, on his visit to Sector 55, Gurugram. Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital.
Team Arunodaya ground work along with additional Commisioner Municipal Corporation Gurugram.
As part of ADEH COVID-19 relief services in Haryana, ADEH is providing Hygiene Kits to vulnerable people.

Why India Faces Oxygen Crunch Amid Coronavirus Crisis?

Covid-19 : Why India Faces Oxygen Crunch Amid Coronavirus Crisis | News Today With Rajdeep

Free eye checkup camps!

Free eye checkup camps

Free eye checkup camps are being organized in a phased manner by the team of Arunodaya Charitable Trust in collaboration with the district administration.

Click here for full article

Global Dance Festival!

We congratulate all participants for sharing their dance videos & in past few weeks we have handpicked performances globally and we are delighted to see such talented dancers. Let’s keep appreciating our participants in the comment section.

Achievement of excellence!

Dr Shaeban sethi got award

Achievement of excellence!
What better way to end the celebrations of World Glaucoma Week!
Dr. Sahebaan Sethi, our glaucoma consultant, was awarded three awards back to back at the DOS (Delhi Ophthalmology Society) Award Ceremony for her three different papers in Glaucoma!


The very exciting webinar on “LIFE WITHIN OPHTHALMOLOGY” An International ophthalmic webinar by Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital. A webinar that promises to give you an intriguing insight on the lives of expert ophthalmologists globally!

Surviving the storm

A quick recap of the first international Ophthalmic webinar on how to survive the storm – the global covid19 pandemic that’s affecting ophthalmologists and practices globally.

Award certificate

kayakalp award adeh

ADEH has been awarded the KAYA KALP certification of quality care in hospitals by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE, and acknowledged by the Quality Council of India (QCI)

Hydroxychloroquine and the Eye

Hydroxychloroquine for covid 19 may not yet be proven treatment. but overusing it may expose the eye to reported problems like retinopathy, field changes (optic nerve) amongst systemic issues.
Watch Dr Reena Sethi’s interview for PIE MAGAZINE on CoViD 19, Hydroxychloroquine and the Eye.

Reaching the unreached

The Arunodaya Story Coverage in PIE MAGAZINE

The Arunodaya Story Coverage in PIE MAGAZINE
Click here to read full article

Glaucoma Awarness Lecture

Glaucoma Awarness Lecture

DATE – 14th March 2020

ADEH Goes Green During The World Glaucoma Week 2020

3 mistakes in ophthalmology

3 mistakes in ophthalmology

Successfully instruction course at the AIOC 2020 by the young ophthalmologists of Arunodaya on “3 mistakes in ophthalmology” was successfully attended and received great feedback from one and all.
Chief Instructor – Dr Sahebaan S Sethi and Co instructors – Dr Vaibhav and Dr Aditya Sethi (seen in picture)

Wet lab training

Wet lab training

Wet lab training by Dr Sahebaan S Sethi , Dr Vaibhav Sethi and Dr Aditya Sethi, part of the ever evolving and crucial Surgical Skill Training Center at the AIOC 2020


  1. Guest talk by Dr. Schultz on Ocular Trauma
  2. Guest talk by Dr Santhangopal past president AIOS on his innovation the SMS Machine for Amblyopia therapy
  3. Guest talk by Dr Charlie Maddoux on Microsporidiasis
  4. Motivational Speech by Mr Keerthi Pradhan – on Practice management for optometry students (Ansal) and Ophthalmologists

12th Feb 2020


Faculty AIOS VISIT to Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital by

  1. Dr Jean Pierre Rozenbaum, Cataract Refractive Surgeon, Paris, France
  2. Dr Mayav J Movdawalla, Consultant Glaucoma, Nuceus Eye Center, Mumbai, India
  3. Dr Amit Pandey, Senior Consultant, EyeQ Hospital, Surat
  4. Professor Dr Jagat Ram, Director, PGI Chandigarh
  5. Dr Dogra giving his testimony on our establishment Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital

16th Feb 2020

Free Eye Screening

Free Eye Screening camp held at residential society at Sector 56, GURGAON to increase health awareness and reverse preventable eye disorders.

International Hero of Indian Ophthalmology

International Hero of Indian Ophthalmology

Memorable Honour Received by Dr Sahebaan S Sethi – labelled as International Hero of Indian Ophthalmology for her award and recognition at the APACRS 2019 in Japan.

School screening camp

Team Arunodaya’s successful school screening camp has prevented reversible blindness in hundreds of school going children by simply giving them glasses ? Be a part of this movement

Counceller & Training programme

Counceller & Training programme (Bausch & Lomb)
Team building exercise for better patient care at Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital, Gurgaon

Satellite Clinic

ARUNODAYA Charitable trust runs a satellite clinic at the Mata Ka Mandir, New Friends Colony, where comprehensive eye check ups are done for the needy and are provided with spectacles and medicines at the lowest cost possible

Pan Ophthalmologica 2019

We conducted an academic feast with a cultural touch to it . The “Pan Ophthalmologica 2019” at the India International Center (IIC)

Surgical camp

Successful surgical camp by Arunodaya Charitable Trust for needy patients

Annual school screening camp

ADEH conducting the annual school screening camp at the Gurugram Public School (GPS) Sector 55. Fact – Uncorrected Refractive Errors (Glasses) account for 80% of childhood blindness