Refractive Surgery/Lasik in Gurgaon

The variables that work perfectly together to give you normal vision without requiring glasses or contact lenses are:

Common Referective Errors

  1. Myopia(near-sighted):
  2. This means that either of the two may apply: the surface of the cornea may be overly curved or the length of the eyeball maybe too much.

  3. Hyperopia (far-sighted):
  4. This means that either the surface of your cornea is not curved enough or the eyeball is too short.

  5. Astigmatism:
  6. This means that the surface of your cornea is non-spherical thus it does not focus objects equally on the retina.


LASIK is the acronym which stands for Laser Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis. It is also referred to as Laser Intrastromal Keratomileusis. It has become the most preferred procedure for the treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The results are dramatic and the visual is rapid which is why patients embracing this procedure the world over. Improved vision without corrective glasses is attained immediately after the procedure and visual stability takes place within a few weeks in most of the cases.

Corneal flap is
Laser sculpts
the cornea
Corneal flap is put back into place
The LASIK procedure is complete


Dr. Arun Sethi

Dr Aditya Sethi



Cataract is the eye related problem, which occurs due to presence of a cloudy or opaque natural lens. It is in most cases an age related problem, simply like greying of your hair.
Ageing is the most frequently encountered cause of cataract. Other causes include systemic diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Trauma or injury, Inflammation of the eye, certain metabolic diseases, other congenital and developmental causes, and many more.
No, cataract in the eye leads to obstruction or “clouding” of visual axis, thereby making your vision dull or diminished. Currently no medications or glasses can reverse these changes in the lens.
Cataract surgery is a planned procedure in most cases.
Our doctors will be monitoring your visual acuity (done in ideal conditions) and your symptoms, then suggest a probable time frame for the surgery. Cataract doesn’t only reduce our vision it also affects the contrast or clarity of vision which usually is a complaint with our patients, and an indication for surgery.

Before surgery you will have to get a list of general investigations done, which would give us an idea on your general body health status at the time of surgery. Your systemic problems like hypertension or diabetes have to be under check prior and after the surgery.

After surgery, you need to be able to follow your discharge summary and apply drops to the operated eye as advised. Also, have to avoid dust, water and crowded places for atleast 1-2 Weeks after surgery.

For further questions on the surgery, precautions and other topics please feel free to discuss with your doctor.

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