Arunodaya Charitable Trust (ACT)

Arunodaya Charitable Trust (ACT), located in Delhi NCR, India was founded in 1990, and is a registered, non-profit, public, non-denominational, medical, welfare trust that works in the field of curable blindness. “Our primary objective is to restore the sight of the poor & needy”. Over 14,45,000 poor and needy patients have been treated. Over 50,400 sight restoring surgeries have been successfully undertaken.
Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital (ADEH), was inaugurated on 1st January, 2005. ADEH is a state of the art tertiary eye care facility, with a mission to be an institute of excellence in eye care services. It endeavors to provide world class treatment, to all sections of our society, with a focus on reversing the tide of curable blindness, in its area of operations and surrounding villages.


Various projects providing free surgeries, subsidised surgeries, top of the line diagnostic investigations and research projects like the diabetes and glaucoma project have been in practice at the community clinic “THE EYE CARE PROJECT” at ADEH. With the help of various friends of Arunodaya ADEH has been able to meet the vision and work on the moto of ACT. Thereby making ADEH a functional stat-of-the-art tertiary eye care hospital where charity work and training go on at an ever increasing rate.

Arunodaya Charitable Trust work model encompasses various projects/programs:

Community outreach services:

Services includes holding eye camps, where apart from providing detailed eye check ups, refractions are done and glasses provided, patients requiring cataract removal and other procedures, are referred / transported to the base hospital – ADEH.

School Screening programmes:

A novel programme of vision screening for school children has been initiated for early of detection of refractive errors and other eye problems. Children with defective vision are identified in no time through a specially designed ‘E’ type vision card which is provided to the teachers in advance. ACT’s team then does the necessary and detailed eye check up at the school premises and provides subsidized spectacles for the children.

Base Hospitals Projects:

The mission of Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital (Base Hospital) or ADEH, is to be an institute of excellence in super speciality eye care providing to all strata of society. It endeavours to provide world class treatment with a focus on reversing the tide of curable blindness, in its area of operations. Since its inception in 2005, it has reached out to over 6.5 million needy patients in its area of operations.

Health education & awareness:

To build up awareness about eye care issues, hygiene etc in the rural masses through, village meetings, etc.