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Dr Reena Sethi’s interview for PIE MAGAZINE on CoViD 19, Hydroxychloroquine and the Eye.

“Cutting edge ophthalmology" by Dr. Arun Sethi And Dr. Reena Sethi

"Screening and Treatment of Retinopathy of Prematurity” by Dr. Vaibhav Sethi

AIOC2020 GP103 T8 Dr Arun Sethi Adding Community Service in Modern Ophthalmic Practice

AIOC Editor Proceedings - Dr Arun Sethi

AIOC Editor Proceedings - Dr Reena Sethi

AIOC2020 GP098 T10 Dr Reena sethi

AIOC2020 IC181 T3 Dr Sahebaan Sabharwal Sethi Optic Nerve Head The obvious and Not so obvious

AIOC2019 GP80 Topic Paediatric Traumatic Cataract Management Overview Dr Aditya Sethi

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