Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital (ADEH) has been serving Gurugram since 2005. We were founded with WORLD CLASS EYE care in mind, and are committed to treating all patients in need. Our highly skilled medical professionals take great pride in providing our community with quality care that’s patient-centered. Learn more about what makes us unique by getting in touch with a member of our medical staff. ADEH is a state of the art tertiary eye care facility, inaugurated on 1st January 2005. the first of its kind in New Gurugram town-ship, has in its 11 years of operations reached out to over 4,50,000 needy patients.



The mission of Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital (ADEH) is to be an institute of excellence in eye care services. It endeavors to provide world class treatment, to all sections of our society, with a focus on reversing the tide of curable blindness, in its area of operations in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR and surrounding areas. At ADEH, we exceed the expectations of our patients, by providing guidance and advice every step of the way.

Dr. Arun Sethi

Dr. Reena Sethi

Dr. Vaibhav Sethi

Dr. Sahebaan Sethi

Dr Aditya Sethi